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    1. Welcome to Coastline Contract Services Limited

      If you are looking for a highly committed and professional contract cleaning service, then look no further.

      We have a new fogging service available - for further information click here:?Fogging information

      Please contact us for a no obligation fogging quote

      Coastline Contract Services is one of the leading independent cleaning contractors operating in the South West. Trading since 2004, we can offer our services from Bristol to Penzance to a wide range of sectors within the Commercial and the Domestic environment.

      We see ourselves placed as a single supplier solution and at Coastline we can offer a range of packages to complement our excellent cleaning services.

      The business has seen consistent growth supported by continuous investment in management, supervision, Health and Safety along with new technologies.

      Important information about Working Safely during COVID-19

      The Company has risked assessed each site and put in place measures to minimise the transmission of COVID-19. Employees can view the risk assessment and measures on site, further information is available here - COVID Risk Assessment

      People in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now being advised to wear face coverings when social distancing can not be maintained. While medical face masks and respirators are prioritised for health and care workers, you can make your own face covering. Here are the instructions from the BBC website: ?


      Click here to learn more about our company

      Important Statement Regarding Covid-19

      Documents for Staff

      Our Services...

      Contact Us...

      Coastline serves the South West, find out how we can assist you please feel free to contact us at the number within your area.

      Contact us by Phone:

      Bristol: 01172033450
      Exeter: 01392908140
      Taunton: 01823703930
      Torquay: 01803416120
      Plymouth: 01752 231129

      Contact us by Email:

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